The Authors

Guy Cousins was born in Wandsworth in 1966. A former student with the London School of Journalism, Guy has written numerous articles and made contibutions to trade journals and magazines. He has just completed his first novel, The Horde. The sequel Devil’s Children is due for publication late 2009.

Micro Fiction by Guy Cousins

Terri Swift has a BFA in drawing and intaglio printmaking, which led her to a fine career in waitressing and tending bar. A pirate with real battle scars, she’d write a poem as she walked the plank. Publications: Loch Raven Review, Spring issue.

Sheila North ranks among S Yorkshire’s shortest poets. Her claims to fame include recently catching the train to Sheffield with John ‘No Jags’ Prescott; and going to North Junior High with Suzi Quatro’s cousin, Kim, as well as some jerks who liked to set fire to their pencils during art class.

Her poetic influences include Edgar Lee Masters, Robert Frost, Martyn Wiley, David Harmer, Peter Sansom, Joe Fearn, and the utterly brilliant Les Barker. Until recently, she could be easily bribed with food; these days, she’ll take almost anything, provided it doesn’t harm fish, or wildlife.

Sheila lives in Doncaster with her husband, several cats, and a Dalek called Gerald.
If, after reading the above, you still want to contact her, Sheila can be reached at Sheila@conanthedoylarian.com

Amie Saramelkonian lives in the South West of England with her husband and two cats. Until recently the majority of her publications have been in scientific and engineering journals. She writes predominantly poetry, but also writes shorts, has several unfinished novels and is currently working on a screenplay.

Daryl Baldwin is 39 years old. He was born in Gloucester, England where he still resides. He is married and has three children. He is currently working in a factory as ashift leader making defence products.

He took up writing seriously in 2007 after putting it off for years. He has written one Period drama screenplay about Thomas Hardy. He is currently working on His second screenplay about the effects of combat stress and the Falklands war.

His hobbies include reading classic novels such as Hardy, Austen, Bronte and Galsworthy. He is a film maniac and loves to watch a good movie with a great story. In his extensive collection are Classics, modern and world cinema.

He will be sharing the delights of watching a great story in his feature called Great Screenplays.

Christopher Scott Silva is currently working on his novella
‘A Galaxy Apart,’ a wonderful-fast paced science fiction experience, taking the
reader into a exciting far away galaxy and swash buckling adventure. His
recent horror ‘Dark Day’s in Sharma El Sheik’ is a frightening tale,
with more twists and turns than a shrubbery labyrinth.

His short stories have us greedily glued to each word always wanting
more. One recent short that particularly sticks out in my mind is
Encounter, a micro short that simply entranced all his readers. Chris Silva is
definitely a writer to keep an eye on, with a bright and exciting
future in the realm of sci-fi and horror.

‘Not only is Chris a great author, but also a true source of encouragement.
Indeed, his inspiring work with young writers, offering guidance and editing
is an example for all of us who eek out a living with the written word’
Mairi Angus

Gyppo lives in the UK and often spends far too much time in front of his computer. He has two daughters and numerous projects to attend to. His private life is… Well, private. All of them.

Professionally he has been writing for more years than he cares to remember,(okay, nearly forty years), and probably selling less than he deserves.

He has sold magazine articles, short stories, and one novel. He has twice had a regular column. Bodgers Corner appeared in a motorcycle magazine and forms the basis of the slim e-book The British Bike Bodgers Booklet. John’s Jottings appeared in a computer magazine, a column of advice for would-be writers.

In the eighties he also used to sell a disc based course for writers, based on the magazine articles. (This may be revived for the Windows generation when there is enough spare time. (Wipes brow and looks into the back of his brain to see who prompted that statement.)

Other e-books include, A Hamper of Havoc, a memoir of his years spent as a showman, The Flying Ferret, light-hearted tales of poaching and rural mischief in The New Forest, and Running Scared , an e-book ‘reprint’ of his 1970s novel.

He uses a ‘State of the Ark’ computer, but started out with a portable typewriter many years ago. In extremis he has even been known to write on stolen toilet paper using an eyebrow pencil (borrowed he hastens to add) in a tent along somewhere along the wind and rain swept Cornish coast.

He is also available for ‘live’ storytelling and ‘how a book gets made’ sessions in schools.

He dreams of well-paid obscurity, but is willing to make numerous public appearances en route to this ultimate destination. His motorbike and sidecar can sometimes be spotted in the most unusual places, semi-camouflaged, with a hammock slung between handlebars and a convenient tree or other solid object.


Review of Running Scared (e-version) by ‘Jeanette’ from MWC

What a smashing little read! It’s a bit like Ray Mears meets Lee Child, all set back in time when we were all a lot younger and life didn’t seem so complicated. Unless you had a murderer on your tail that is, which Jim, the hero of this tale has.

Having witnessed a murder only by being where he shouldn’t have been, Jim runs away, only to find that the murderer has no intention of letting this witness get away. Despite living wild in the forest, the killer manages to track Jim down, with desperate consequences.

This is a fast moving page turner, full of fascinating facts. If you’re a fan of ‘life on mars’, you’ll love this.

Gyppo’s E-books, ‘A Hamper of Havoc’, ‘British Bike Bodgers Booklet’, ‘The Flying Ferret’, and ‘Running Scared’ are available for sale at http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=1175168

Lorraine Cave has worked in a number of diverse places, such as a hotel in Scotland, Kew Gardens and Jersey Zoo. She began writing in early 2006 following advice given in the Daily Telegraph’s ?Novel in a Year’ column. However, she’s unsure if there’s a novel in her and is happiest when writing short shorts and micro fiction. Lorraine is currently a part-time pet-sitter/dog walker in the beautiful county of Cornwall.

Mairi Angus is affectionately known as Ma 100 and is the wild card in the pack. She took up writing eight months ago and wishes she had done it 28 years ago. She does not describe herself as a writer, more a teller of stories. Mairi has an on-going battle with punctuation, grammar and tense which she calls her beasts, but she is determined not to let this barrier get in the way of writing her stories.

Rob Johnson worked for several years as an administrator and publicist for touring theatre companies. He also wrote four plays which were professionally produced. When public funding for non-commercial theatre virtually dried up overnight, he tried his hand at a range of ‘proper jobs’.

He now lives on a smallholding in Greece with his partner, Penny, and divides his time between writing and growing olives organically for oil. He has several writing projects on the go at the moment including a novel, stories about his often bizarre experiences of living in Greece, and moral tales for post-modern times.

One of his seven dogs also has his own blog but Buster won’t let Rob have anything to do with the writing of it – honest!

Rob’s Blogs:

The Reluctant Olive Farmer – http://xerika.blogspot.com/

Doris the Disaffected Hamster and Other Moral Tales for Post-Modern Times – http://xerika2.blogspot.com/

Buster’s Dog Blog – http://dog-writes.blogspot.com/

Joe Fearn is 52, lives in thorne south yorkshire. He cares for his mother with Alzhiemers, he is a volunteer radio presenter with his local radio station TMCR: studio@tmcr.org.uk.

He went on the East Midland Arts Council New Voices poetry tour. His poems feature in Foolscap, The North, The Echo Room, Scratch, I.O. and up-coming from Monkey Kettle.
He would describe himself as a starving poet, but weighs in at eighteen stones.

The Brigadier Born in India on 1st April 1921 to Irish, Scottish and Welsh parents, the Brigadier achieved disappointing academic results at Eton before transferring to Roedean School for Girls where he had much better results with the ladies. Having been expelled for “lewd behaviour unbefitting a young gal”, he went on to, and was expelled from, Sandhurst Military Academy. WWII came along soon after and was a splendid opportunity for the young chap to preserve his beloved empire and kill a few bolshy foreigners at the same time. Rising speedily through the ranks from Minor to Major, he retired from the Army as a Brigadier and then pursued a career as an author and after-dinner speaker.Subsequently, he has published numerous books, articles, and essays but not a single poem as they are mainly written by, and for, cissies. His numerous publications include: “Tanks for the Memory“, “The Boys’ Bumper Book of Amphibious Military Vehicles Through the Ages”, “The Dummies Guide to Cravats“, “How To Start Wars For Fun and Profit”, and “Surrender My Arse” (Ed. Need to check with the Brigadier that he hasn’t missed out some punctuation in this one. Think perhaps there should be a question mark after ‘Surrender’.)When his busy schedule as a writer and after-dinner speaker allows, the Brigadier can be found busily practising his pipe smoking technique. Despite only ever having smoked cigars, he has had a lifelong ambition to be voted ‘Pipe Smoker of the Year‘.The Brigadier has been informed that he has several children and countless grandchildren but there has never been a Mrs Brigadier. He now lives in Royal Tunbridge Wells with his King Charles Spaniel ‘Monty’ and his growing collection of soldier ants he has been breeding for quite a while.

Paul Walton is forty eight years old, living in the hills of Scotland, splitting his time between software design consultancy and writing. Currently most of his writing time is devoted to screenwriting projects. His short stories have been published in a variety of magazines and he is currently working on a supernatural thriller.

Steve Sweeney was born in Newport, South Wales in 1965, and currently lives in Cwmbran. In the last year, he worked as a local history writer for the Cwmbran CoStar magazine and website. Steve has recently written an entire series of his situation comedy ‘Sherlock Jones’, and is currently writing his first novel ‘Salvatore House’.

Anika Scott, an American journalist and author has written for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites, and recently had her first hour-long documentary broadcast on German national radio. She co-authored the nonfiction book Lost to the World, and is currently working on a book about life with the Germans, as well as a novel that gives her a lot of joy and grief.

Click the link to view Anika’s website.


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  1. Reading this list of inspired writers, it’s hard to understand why ‘Hardline’ is not making the ‘Headlines’ :o)

    Good luck for the future people. I’ll be back to check up on how you are all doing.

    Big T

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