Big Brother: Paul Walton



Jess was getting over the disappointment of being evicted from the house now, her excitement growing as the crowd noise was played in. For the thousandth time she checked herself in the mirror, fluffing up her hair and adjusting her skimpy top to give the best view of her cleavage.She’d watched all the previous seasons, loving every eviction; the crowds, the cameras, the noise – she wouldn’t even mind the occasional ‘boo’ among the cheers.

 It was the tenth week now, at least she hadn’t been among the first to go. If she was honest with herself, she didn’t really mind anyway. The games had become a little too twisted for her over the last week, the ‘cannibalism’ game where they presented cooked meat and they had to taste it and say what part of the human body it was from – that was just gross. And the other one, where the pictures of the big brother staff were put up, and they had to pick which one was executed, that was weird as well. Still, they had to push things further each series to get the ratings. It didn’t matter now though, it was her turn to be centre stage. For the next week, she’d be the focus of the side programs, doing interviews, going to celebrity parties, living the life. And maybe she’d get that chance at a presenting job too, you never know.She looked around the others, happy that it wasn’t them going, though trying to look oh so sad for her, the two-faced gits. It wasn’t as though she was going to win the prize though, they all pretty well knew that Don, the cute guy who ran the puppy sanctuary, was going to win it, and give all his money to his mummy – tosser. Still, the real money came from the photo shoots and articles. She’d made sure she’d shown plenty of skin during her time in the house, but kept the money shots for outside. Plus there was the chance of a presenting job so she wanted to be squeaky clean.Silently she prayed that there wasn’t anything out there that she’d forgotten about.

She’d groaned in previous years where contestants had sex-tapes out. She’d always made damn sure that nothing like that happened to her. Of course, she had ex-boyfriends, she supposed Ben was an ex now after she’d got off with Mark in the house. He’d been evicted a couple of weeks ago now though. She wondered what he’d been saying about her. Hopefully there’d be a few shoots out of that as well if he was smart enough to play the ‘love’ angle up. The red light flashed on in the lounge, a sudden rush of adrenalin coursing through her, the others making their usual pitiful squeals and yells. The presenter’s voice sounded tired tonight, weary.She must be pregnant again, Jess thought. At least they’d blanked out the crowd noise this year, some of the chanting and booing in previous years had been horrible.“Jess, you are the tenth person to be evicted. Please leave the big brother house. I’m coming to get you.”

The others all squealed, jumping up and hugging her. Jess made nice with them, even the total
gits who’d made the whole experience a misery, and Don who looked so sad with his big puppy
eyes. She was glad when the door opened and she could go up the steps, wondering for a
moment if her skirt was too short, tugging it down a little. She laughed at herself though. She
was going to be on a catwalk outside, course they’d see up it – big deal.

Standing nervously at the top of the stairs, she still didn’t hear any crowd noise. Perhaps they’d gone too far with blanking it out. Then, with a faint click, the doors slid open, she put on her biggest smile, eyes wide, ready for …

Hands grabbed her, yanking her out. She screamed as she saw the decaying corpses of Mark,
Sarah, Phil, and Cassie hanging from a gantry. The presenter was below the crude gallows,
looking drawn and filthy. Two men in military outfits, their faces masked, were standing over her, guns in hand. Three more stood beside the empty noose, a table with an array of metal objects on it beside them. One ignited a blow torch as she screamed in horror.

“Time for your fifteen minutes, bitch,” a voice said, from beside her.

NEWS REPORT: Friday 10 pm.

‘The horrific five week siege of the Big Brother studio continues tonight, Jessica Platt, a twenty year old promotions girl from London was tortured and killed on national TV tonight. The terrorists continue with their threat to trigger what has been confirmed to be a small
thermonuclear device. The surrounding area has been evacuated but their declaration that other devices exist in secret locations has stymied military plans. Here is our reporter Kate McIntyre from outside the studios…’



  1. Wow,

    That’s a twisted yarn! Excellent.

    Pondering if I could get away with doing that, since I have a deep pshychological hatred of Big Brother!

    Still really good idea!

    Well done.
    Kez x

    Comment by Kerry Cooke — March 28, 2008 @ 12:27 pm | Reply

  2. Oh! Twisted definitely, but…
    Superb story.


    Comment by mairi — April 3, 2008 @ 2:01 pm | Reply

  3. Paul.
    Great twist at the end. Very good story and I am sure the best rating numbers that TV show will EVER have. Reality TV at it’s Realist.
    What a story concept. Great Job Paul..


    Comment by Lee — April 3, 2008 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

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